Saturday, June 26, 2010


Day three in Cali was spent in Hollywood. We started the afternoon out at Hollywood Park for some horse races. Jordan discovered a love for betting on horse races (aka gambling) last year. So we headed out to the park so he could show my parents the ropes.
My Dad ended up being the only one that came home with winnings. Being a big spender, he waged $2 on his first bet and won! I had to take a picture to document the earnings from his first win...

This guy came out and played his horn before each race to announce the horses taking the track.

After a few hours at the track, we headed over to Pink's for dinner. Pink's is a famous hotdog stand and a must see landmark in Hollywood. It has been in the same location for 69 years. Celebrity sightings are common there, but we didn't see any during our visit. :( When we arrived, the line to get in wrapped around the building! We waited in line for close to 1 1/2 hours for our dogs! Many thanks to my family for visiting so I could mark it off in my book!
Pink's is famous for their Chili Dogs, so that's what I got...along with onions, mustard, and cheese. Can you say heartburn? We got some onion rings and fries to share. I had an Orange Crush to wash down all of the grease.
Jordan ordered the Giant 12" jalapeno dog with bacon and cheese.
That was taking it a little too far for me, but he seemed to enjoy it!
Quote of the day: "This guy should feel blessed to have people waiting in line to buy his hot dogs."--Dad

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  1. Dang, 1/5hours?!?! That's some dedication to The Book!