Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Party in KC

I went to Kansas City this past weekend with my friend, Molly, and her husband, Robert. We made the special trip to celebrate our friend, Lynette's, birthday. In case you can't tell from this picture, she was turning 28!
Our first night, we did some celebrating in the Power and Light District. It was so much fun I plan to make a repeat visit. Apparently, Robert had an enjoyable time as well...
Lynette and I stumbled upon this guy.
He was wearing a real sheep's skin. No joke, we could smell the funk! Molly and Lynette got a kick out of me wanting to take a pic with him. They called me "goat girl" in high school. Supposedly, I tend to sound like a goat when I laugh from time to time. I have NO idea what they are talking about. Saturday night in KC entailed a thrilling night of cosmic bowling. Our good friends from high school, James and Brad, joined us in KC as well. We all posed for a "cool kids" class reunion photo.

Typical James pose....

Some things from high school never change.
James is still goofy and I still love my girls!

Cheers to a great weekend of celebration and great friends!

Robert got a "little" tipsy the first night. (Saying a little is really being too kind.) As a result, he agreed to be our designated driver for our second night out on the town. As he was driving us, he revealed an unknown fact.
Quote of the trip: "I've never been a designated driver before!"
Really?!?!?! Wow!