Monday, February 1, 2010

Vacation, Topeka Style

One of my bestest friends, Michelle, turned 28 recently. Kylie and I decided it would be appropriate to pay her a visit in Topeka to help her celebrate the Month of Michelle. What would a birthday celebration be without gifts? We all share a love for cooking...and eating, so Ky and I thought Shell would love some new cookbooks. Here is Michelle posing with The Pioneer Woman Cooks and The Biggest Loser Cookbook.

After opening gifts, we decided to hit the streets of Topeka for some world class shopping. Kylie was pretty pumped about this find:

We finished our shopping just in time to catch the Cats and Hawks hoop it up at Henry T's. I was 100% confident that my team would pull off a win. However, I must unfortunately report, at the time of this post, KU is #1. You can draw your own conclusions on the outcome of the game...
After the game, a Jayhawk was nice enough to share an Irish Car Bomb with me. It was a tasty first for me. For those of you who do not know the genetic make up of this particular shot, it contains Bailey's Irish Cream, Guinness, and Jameson Irish Whiskey. This picture was captured by Michelle right after the drink consumption...I will allow you all to create your own thought bubbles above our heads.

For those of you who remember my last Topeka blog post, I discussed Glory Days pizza. I declared I wanted to try the Baked Potato Pizza. It contains ranch dressing, potatoes, bacon bits, cheese, sour cream, and chives. It did not disappoint!

We may have gotten a little carried away with our food and alcohol intake. At one point, we were debating on whether to have another drink when a friend of Michelle's reminded us we were on vacation. That's right, a Topeka vacation. So that became our motto for the remainder of the trip. Glory Days is so good, it is almost impossible to decide on just one pizza or one topping. So we didn't....

Thanks for a great weekend girls!
Quote of the trip: "Go ahead, you're on vacation!"--Sarah

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