Sunday, November 8, 2009

KSU vs. KU

Warning: This post may not be suitable for youngsters, easily offended people, or KU fans. The use of blinders may be required for small children.

This past weekend, my family and I traveled to Manhattan, KS for the 107th Sunflower State Showdown. I was pretty excited the event was in Manhattan where I could be surrounded by my fellow Wildcats since my family was rooting for the Hawks. My brother, Jordan, talked crap on the Cats all the way there. Here he is sporting his Jayhawk pride on the drive to the game. Notice he is looking pretty smug about the Jayhawk's ability to pull off a win.

Half time score...

And as you can see, a little bit of the smugness has disappeared from his expression.

Final score, need I say more?

I would have gotten a picture inside of the stadium to show the upset on Jordan's face, but he decided to escape before the roar of the crowd took over the stadium. I was able to snatch this photo as I approached the car. Better luck next time Hawks!

Quote of the trip: "I'm not watching KU football for the rest of the season!"--Jordan

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