Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Manhattan, KS

This past weekend I got to visit one of my favorite places, Manhattan, KS. And I went to cheer on my favorite team, the Wildcats!

My love affair with the Wildcats started from birth, much to the dismay of my Jayhawk loving family. I was born in Manhattan, and although I only lived there for a short time, it was just long enough for the blood in my veins to run purple. When it came time to pick a college there was no question that K-State was where I wanted to be. I loved every minute of my 4 years there and love going back to visit.

Here I am with my old college roomie, Michelle, and a friend from childhood, Lynette. This happened to be Lynette's first K-State game experience, so we had to properly document the occasion with a picture.

Not only were we celebrating the season opener, but also the return of Coach Bill Synder. KSU called this game the "Family Reunion." The stadium was full of alumni, students, fans, and over 340 former KSU football players. An attendance record was set for being the largest KSU season opening football game.

Inside Bill Snyder Family Stadium, aka "The Bill."

After a long day of tailgating and cheering, a Wildcat Win was the perfect way to end the day.
Go Cats!

Quote of the trip: "I miss Manhattan!"--Lindsay


  1. Hi! I caught your blog with the "next blog" button. I love to travel too, and I've actually started a blog about Midwest might like it.